Product of the month: SISU To Go Ester-C Energy Boost

Welcome to my new feature: Product of the Month, where I’ll feature new products that I’ve discovered, tried and liked.

I discovered this product in Alive magazine – the actual, on paper magazine, that I picked up from a Noahs’s Natural Foods store. I bought the product, the company doesn’t know I’m writing about it.

SISU To Go Ester-C Energy Boost

SISU To Go Ester-C Energy Boost won two awards in Alive Awards 2012, both under “Best new supplements” category, one chosen by retailers (Retailers’ Choice award) and one by consumers (Consumers’ choice). Retailers got it a bronze, consumers got it a gold.

Product information from the product website:

A daily, rehydrating vitamin drink mix. Multi vitamin and mineral supplement. A factor in the maintenance of good health.

The demands of our busy lives can lead us to neglect our own health and, over time, result in reduced energy, mood, and immunity, thereby “aging” us more quickly. Vitamin C is one of the best-researched nutrients and a key aspect of healthy aging. It is essential for the proper formation of collagen, the building block of many tissues, and a crucial component in skin rejuvenation. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system by supporting and improving white blood cell function, and also helps to reduce the release of histamine in the body, thus alleviating allergy symptoms.

In addition to vitamin C, there are multiple nutrients that the body needs every day to function at its best, including B vitamins and minerals. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are minerals essential for rehydration and energy production as well as cardiovascular, muscle, and nervous system functions. Ester-C® Energy Boost combines all of these important nutrients in a convenient drink mix to help keep active, busy people feeling their best and performing at their peak.

Product Information

  • 1,000 mg of Ester-C® vitamin C per serving
  • Ester-C® is a unique, patented form of calcium ascorbate that is less acidic and easier on the stomach than regular vitamin C
  • Ester-C® is the only form of vitamin C that has been clinically proven to last up to 24 hours in the white blood cells of the immune system
  • Enhanced with nourishing, energy-supporting B vitamins and electrolytes
  • Added calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals to support bone, joint, collagen, and skin health
  • Naturally sweetened , low-calorie powder blend
  • Mixes into a non-effervescent vitamin drink with natural orange or wildberry flavour
  • Formulated with naturally-occurring amino and fruit acids to enhance the natural flavour

SISU Advantages

  • Convenient “to go” packet that pours easily into any bottle (or glass) of water
  • Ester-C® has superior digestibility, bioavailability, and retention than other forms of vitamin C
  • Contains 3 times more calcium and 4 times more phosphorus than similar products
  • Formulated with all-natural sweeteners, flavours, and colours
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Good Manufacturing Practices standards
  • Tested for guaranteed potency and purity
  • NPN approved

Sure, it’s not real food. My first choices in vitamin C intake comes from real food. But, I have used their Ester-C products for years and see this one as a water flavour enhancer.

I’m not evaluating it on its “energy boost” or health claims here.

Like my preferred vitamin C sources, my preferred water flavour enhancers don’t come in powder either: I tend to use lemon oil, a squeeze of lemon or a squeeze of lime. Natural is my #1 choice.

But, if you don’t have citrus oil or fruit, and you prefer to use something to make your water taste not like water, this does the trick and is my new #2.

According to the product website each 9.2 g packet contains

Non-medicinal ingredients:

calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate monobasic, sodium phosphate monobasic, sodium chloride, citric acid, L-malic acid, L-tartaric acid, stevia rebaudiana leaf, beetroot red, glycine, L-aspartic acid, D-fructose, silicon dioxide, maltodextrin.

Natural orange flavour:
orange fruit extract, natural orange flavour, natural tangerine flavour, beta carotene.

I don’t want to assess every single one of those as I’ve done in the past, but first glance suggests natural ingredients. The emphasis relates to what you’re about to read.

By contrast…

A few days ago Fooducate’s blog did a feature about Mio Fit (I was already planning this post). Without an ingredient list for the new product they listed the ingredients of the original, which they’d written about in April 2011:

Water, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Malic Acid, Contains Less than 2% of Natural Flavor,  Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (Sweeteners), Potassium Citrate,  Red 40, Blue 1, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

(emphasis theirs – though I’d also emphasize the potassium sorbate because I’m sensitive to it.)

I checked Mio’s website. No mention of Mio Fit (new product), the product messaging is full of healthwashing and someone needs to update their FAQ. Mio Energy has  B vitamins and caffeine. Perhaps I’ll rant about energy drinks another time.

I could go on about the healthwash messaging of Mio or other comparable products, but that’s not what this post is about.

My verdict: Just Eat Real Food. Or add a little Sisu to your water.

(I don’t use the entire packet at once.)

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