A food conference happens in Toronto

Shoresh Food Conference

It’s nearly time for the 2nd Shoresh Food Conference!

Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs and the Miles Nadal JCC present the 2nd annual Shoresh Food Conference. Join local rabbis, farmers, foodies, activists, entrepreneurs, students and teachers for a full-day conference as we broadly and deeply explore the intersections between Jewish tradition and contemporary food issues. The rich and varied sessions are designed both for people who are already knowledgeable about the intersection of food and Jewish life as well those with no prior knowledge of the subject.

Date: Sunday January 27th, 2013
Time: 10 AM-6 PM
Location: Miles Nadal JCC (750 Spadina at Bloor)

Registration includes a kosher, vegetarian, culturally-inspired, delicious lunch prepared in a community member’s kitchen.

A few of the sessions announced so far:

Divine Slaughter – described as “How can Isaac invite his friend Ishmael over for a bowl of his Bubbie’s famous chicken soup? Explore the similarities and differences between Kashrut and Halal regarding animal slaughter.”

Kugels in Kensington: Toronto’s Jewish Food History – a look at Toronto’s Jewish Food Culture with Michael Wex.

How Do I Get a Heksher in This Town? The Ins and Outs of Kosher Certification – Presented by Richard Rabkin from COR (Kashruth Council of Canada) and Sher Kopman, creator of RawFoodz, a local, raw, vegan, kosher salad dressing.

Not Your Bubbie’s Brisket: Biblical Meat Eating – Rabbi Ed Elkin of First Narayaver Synagogue discusses animal sacrifice in the Torah and how it shaped meat consumption.

For more information or to register, visit Shoresh’s website or contact Sabrina at Shoresh.

Read about last year’s conference

I volunteered at last year’s Shoresh Food Conference and enjoyed it. There was a lot of content that wasn’t specifically Jewish, such as the session about backyard chickens, so don’t think you MUST be Jewish to attend or get something out of it. Everyone is welcome.

Register here.


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