Sprouting with bioSnacky: A new beginning

Sprouting presents!

Sprouting seems like a metaphor for spring. Start with seeds, grains and legumes, let them germinate, and a tail appears. Then a plant. It’s a lifecycle. A journey.

When I was selected from  a pool of blogging applicants to be one of the participants of Vogel’s bioSnacky 10-Day Sprouting Challenge, I was excited to try sprouting again. When I picked up my package from the post office, it felt like a gift-receiving holiday. I was giddy. A present at the post office!


Then there was this:


[Here’s the Instagram photo. We already use A. Vogel’s Herbamare seasoning in my house. We keep a big container, while I have a small baggie of it at work.]

There were a bunch of goodies inside.

Biosnacky goodies IMG-9621

I could hardly wait to start but here we are on June 20, the first day of the challenge.

The bioSnacky seed sprouter is comprised of 3 trays – germinating dishes – with ventilation slits and sophisticated irrigation system. Put the recommended amount of seeds in each, add a half litre of water, let it drain to the water pan, dump that water, then forget about it for a few days. I like low maintenance things that you can set and forget.


I do have a long relationship to sprouting. I’ve used the jar method, the nut sack method and an automatic sprouter similar to this FreshLife Automatic Sprouter from Upaya Naturals.

If you click “jar method” above you’ll see lovely Meghan demonstrating it before she got into the nut sacks.

So I’m looking forward to seeing how this method compares. I currently have the trays sprinkled with “Fitness Mix” – a mix of wheat seeds, mung beans and radish – alfalfa spouts and Little Radish.

I’ll get into the nutrition of sprouting in another post.

Also, two days after the package arrived, with 2 sets of instructions for the challenge, this happened when dog was left alone all day:

The dog ate my blogging homeword

The dog ate my blogging homework

Silly dog.

I wonder if people will find my dog Googling for "Bourbon"

Who? Me?

Stay tuned for progress posts.

…and it wasn’t on Zemanta’s radar, but here’s Melissa Ramos’s opening bioSnacky 10-Day Sprouting Challenge post: Sprouting & how to eat wheat again Enhanced by Zemanta

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