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I don’t feel like posting original content – or at all today – ’cause I’d rather cuddle with my dog on this chilly night, so here’s what Sean Croxton had to say in his promo email today:

Has this ever happened to you?

You know, when life gets stressful and your digestion gets all out of whack.

Or, maybe your current, ongoing digestive symptoms get worse when life starts throwing you curveballs.

I think we’ve all been there.

But how do you go about reseting your digestive system and getting it back on track?

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you!

In today’s early bird, full-length Digestion Session, our buddy Dr. Alan Christianson reveals how stress impacts your gut, how your gut affects your adrenal/hormonal health, and what it all has to do with your body fat.

And of course, those fancy download buttons are BACK, so you can download the HD video, mp3 audio file, transcript, and slideshow video. Compliments of the host. 🙂

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How gut inflammation and weakened adrenals put your body into fat storing mode!
  • The 3 P’s of digestion and how they impact physical and emotional stress.
  • Proven recommendations for reseting your digestive rhythm … while you sleep.
  • The problems with shift working. Not good!
  • Simple mind-body techniques that reduce cramping and bloating in 3 mins or less

Watch The Stress Cycle: A Mind-Body Approach to Reseting Your Digestive Rhythm

A Mind-Body Approach to Reseting Your Digestive Rhythm

Don’t forget, the Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass is available now at a special pre-event price.

Get lifetime access to:

  • 19 HD interviews with your digestion experts
  • 19 mp3 audio files
  • 6 HD video cooking classes
  • The Digestion Sessions Cookbook
  • 19 slideshow videos (yeah, we did both!)
  • 19 downloadable slide sets (so you don’t have to take notes)
  • Over 500 pages of transcripts
  • A bunch of bonuses!

The limited time, pre-event price ends Sunday morning, when our big event kicks off.

Get it Here!

Remember, you’ll get FREE 48-hour viewing access to each session starting this Sunday. The Digital Access Pass is for those who’d like to watch, read, or listen to the sessions on their own time and have this incredible resource at their fingertips whenever, wherever.

Miss yesterday’s early bird session with Dr. Kharrazian? The comment section has been ON FIRE with love and thanks for Dr. K and the information he presented. Watch it here!

The bonuses are pretty awesome, and I’m not just saying that being I’m promoting this thing. I wouldn’t be promoting it if I weren’t interested in the subject matter and the bonuses. Bonuses include

  • The Whole Journey’s Candida Cleanse Jump Start Guide,
  • The Kalish Healing Diet Package which in itself includes 30-Day Healing Diet Plan, Diet Guidelines, 65-page Cookbook, Nutrition Guide, and Candida Questionnaire,

…and four more that are currently listed on the Digestion Sessions order page.

Usually in these events more bonuses are added as time goes on so you can order now or wait until more and more bonuses are added to entice you. I don’t guarantee that there will be more – I haven’t heard anything about it – but I’ve been involved in enough of these online events to know the formula.

Or don’t buy anything and wait until you’ve watched all the videos for free. Try before you buy. Or register to watch the sessions but don’t buy ever. Really, up to you.

Wondering what the next “Digestion Superhero” is?

Well, pucker up, ’cause we’re talking lemons.


Says Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta,

One of the easiest, health-giving behaviours you can do every day is to have a big glass of water – about 8-12oz – first thing in the morning, with a wedge (or more) of lemon squeezed into it.

The sour, astringent tastes help stimulate peristalsis, the rhythmical, muscular contraction that moves food down and out. Lemon water is a tool I use to help people re-train their bowel.

The compounds in lemon induce detoxification enzymes in the liver, which is why lemon is often said to be “detoxifying”. Between easing constipation and revving up detox systems in the body, I suppose we could make that jump.

Lemon is certainly a top contender in foods that should be incorporated into the diet to help promote gut health. In my interview with Sean Croxton for the Digestion Sessions, we talk all about how to use food to improve your digestive health.

Have you registered for the Digestion Sessions? It is totally free, and the lineup is pretty epic, and the subjects even more so. You can check it out and register here

I do lemon water. Starting my day with a litre of water makes me feel less bad for forgetting to stay hydrated the rest of the day. It’s the UnDiet way too. Water with cayenne. Other health experts recommend water with turmeric – another digestion aid. I’ve also read about studies that concluded that lemon essential oil in water is also effective, without the acid affect on your teeth. Lemon turns alkaline in your body.

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