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The return of News Bites

I’ve been intending to get back to these for awhile, keep starting and stopping. They used to be a regular feature. They can be relatively low maintenance, too. And, it’s not that I haven’t had what to write about, it’s that I haven’t been doing it. Oh blog and readers, I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting […]

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Mideastro Yorkville interior

Mideastro Yorkville: Around the world in many flavours

I was recently invited to a Media Tasting event at Mideastro Yorkville. Opened since last summer, Mideastro is a refined approached to Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine. I’d call it “comfort food refined”. The fusion of cultures is a huge draw to this restaurant. People in Toronto know how multicultural this city is, but Israel is […]

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Skinnamarinkidinkidink: Last chance to register for Taste of Limmud

Today is the last day to register for the Food & Eco Judaism Taste of Limmud that I recently blogged about. Visit their website with a NEW Skinnamarinkidinkidink video. Check out their outtakes “reel” below.

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Links for the last couple of days

Lost a bunch of links yesterday when I was playing catch up. Need to cull my feeds again. Also, sometimes when I’m composing a post I’m navigated away to a page with a 404 error (presumably when it’s auto-saving) so occasionally I lose stuff that way. Master’s thesis in food porn? Makes me miss school. […]

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Happy Earth Day!

In links: Have you seen Google’s Earth Day logo? Ecorazzi has a cute Earth Day cartoon. Yesterday, I came across a post on The Jew and the Carrot that directed people to The Portland Yiddish Hour‘s recent show called  Jews, Food and Ethics (audio RSS feed and iTunes podcast available). A 50 minute show, I […]

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On Mintz and Men

[I began this post at 5pm, had to abandon it unfinished at 6:47 to get my butt to seder that was to begin at 7 but didn’t begin until 8, and finished after.] [April 9, 3:10pm: Edited to make it a bit shorter.] I apologize in advance for the length, because I generally don’t have […]

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