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10 reasons you should be sprouting

Sprouting Goodness Sprouts are said to be rich in digestible energy, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and phytochemicals, because these are necessary for a germinating plant to grow. What’s good for the plants is good for the people. In the sprouting process, …all of the resting nutrition in the seed will begin to break […]

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Colourful brain

Feed Your Brain! – Mood Food Challenge

I’ve got a list of topics to blog about and over the next few days I’ll be writing posts for scheduling and also finish an ambitious – but not time sensitive – post I started a few weeks ago with the intention of posting “whenever”. I also have a couple of ebooks to finish writing. […]

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Foods for Healing

[If you’ve come across this blog after Foods For Healing closes, head on over to her website to see what she’s got going on now.] I’m always amazed at how many people believe that medicine (drugs) and medical intervention (e.g. prescriptions filled at pharmacies, surgery) are the only way to heal the body. Earlier this […]

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Lunch, analyzed

Ever research the nutrition profile of your lunch, just for fun? I did. My previous post was about what I ate for lunch today, with a recipe for “Almond miso kelp and zucchini noodles with wakame”. Want to know how this meal fares nutritionally? Kelp Noodles are a sea vegetable in the form of a […]

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5 Days Healing with Everyday Superfoods

From Meghan Telpner’s well-being arsenal comes her latest tutorial, Healing with Everyday Superfoods. Take a look. The cover is one of my favourite colours. The first group challenge will start on Sunday, April 18th. The tutorial is now available for purchase, for the low price of $12. You don’t have to participate in the group […]

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My morning smoothie, after a workout: The last of the watermelon that I got at my CSA two weeks ago (picked up another yesterday) 1/2 a freestone peach from the farmer’s market (mostly free, unlike the previous ones that weren’t really) 1 small yellow plum A handful of purple grapes that I got at the […]

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Wednesday's links: Something for everyone

Staying sober a challenge in the alchol-heavy hospitality industry. [New York Times] I found the personal stories in this article very interesting. Treehugger proposes a weekday vegetarian diet [Treehugger] Ever wonder why lemon makes milk curdle? It involves protein, negative charge and bondage (er, bonding). [The Kitchn] Also from The Kitchn: Tip: Use Cinnamon Sticks […]

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Links for Tuesday

Five Reasons to Keep a Chocolate Bar on Hand [The Kitchn] Why agave isn’t such as good sugar alternative. [Dr. Mercola] The article surprised me. Nitrites and nitrates, much maligned additives in processed and cured meats, may help cardiovascular health [Nutraingredients.com] Q & A: How Diet May Effect Depression… That’s just the start of it. […]

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More on almond milk: Ingredient analysis

I used up the last of my store-bought almond milk today and took a look at the ingredient list. From the box of Almond Breeze®, original: purified water, evaporated cane juice, almonds, tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, potassium citrate, carrageenan, soy lecithin. The website (a U.S. website for the company based in Sacramento CA) lists the […]

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