Tasty items from the past week

  • Tom Colicchio on his new cookbook [Slashfood]
  • An interview with Robert Kenner of Oscar-nominated ‘Food, Inc.’  [Slashfood]
  • Foodie paradise in Berkeley [Los Angeles Times] – Coincidentally, I saw this linked on Serious Eats at the end of a day spent in Berkeley. I used the washroom in Saul’s, saw the Cheese Board, had lunch at Chez Panisse, bought a pair of shoes next door to the Juice Bar Collective, strolled on Shattuck Ave. and went to the Peet’s on Solano in North Berkeley, where I bought a Peet’s mug for my office. I also went to the Berkeley Bowl (West), a big independent supermarket that the article didn’t mention. The closest Toronto analogy that I have to the Berkeley Bowl is Fiesta Farms. Next time I’ll spend more time in the city and do some more wandering. There are only so many hours in a day.
  • An interview with “Dairy-farmer-turned-food-activist” Michael Schmidt. [Eye]
  • Meat Might Be Behind Many Unidentified Allergic Reactions [Medline Plus]
  • Kids’ Peanut Allergies Might Be Tamed: Study [Medline Plus]
  • Sarah Polley pulled her name from a short film five days before it was scheduled to air during the Oscars because she learned that the film was being used for product promotion. [Toronto Life, CBC, Globe and Mail] Good for Sarah. She’s a cool chick. It’s also an example of corporate sponsorship of non-profits.

Have a great weekend. Eat well, be well.


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