The Awesome Life Detox: Open for Business

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(If you haven’t yet read it, read my previous post about this: The Awesome Life Detox: Ready to Be Awesome?)  

The Awesome Life Detox is open for business!

A breakdown of the 10 day Awesome Life Detox:

Each day for the duration of the 10-day program, a different area of our lives will be explored:

  • Day 1 – Your Thoughts: How to become less reactive to your stressful thoughts and enable them to shape the life of your dreams.
  • Day 2 – Your Vision: Cultivate a clear vision of what you want most in life so you know how to make the best choices every day.
  • Day 3 – Your UnDiet: Diet has to come in at some point, right? Here we address how we let food affect our habits, how our habits affect our food choices and the best strategy to make it all work together.
  • Day 4 – Your Attachments: The stuff you grip on to. Some of it is worth keeping, but mostly it’s weighing you down. On day four, you’ll learn how to shake it loose.
  • Day 5 – Your Space: The space you live and work in affects your feelings of calm and productivity. Discover simple ways to enable your space to serve you best.
  • Day 6 – Your Finances: The money talk. Time to figure out how you can afford to live the most awesome life ever (hint — you don’t need more money to do it!)
  • Day 7 – Your Work: You may be working your dream job, you may be building your dream job or you may only be dreaming of your dream job. It’s actually all one and the same. You’ll find out how that works!
  • Day 8 – Your Relationships: We often fail to spend enough time on our relationships, but they’re truly what fuels us. There’s one relationship you are ignoring and that’s the one we’ll address.
  • Day 9 – Your Gratitude: As it turns out, at a the flick of a switch (in our minds), life actually is amazingly awesome. Together, we flick that switch.
  • Day 10 – Your Plan: Here’s where we take on the other 355 days of the year and make them awesome, too.

-Look, only one day is related to food!

Key Awesome Life Detox Dates

  • January 8th: You’ll be welcomed into the private The Awesome Life Detox Facebook Group for interaction with other Awesome Life Detox participants. You’ll also be given access to the portal where all your program materials are kept.
  • January 11th at 10am ET: Join Meghan for a live video chat program kick off. Can’t make it or don’t want to participate live? It will be recorded so you can watch it at any time.
  • January 12th: The program begins. You’ll receive your first program email which will include a reminder of that day’s theme as well as my recommended articles, videos, interviews, podcasts, books, images and more to help set you up for success (whatever that looks like for you!)
  • January 21st at 8pm ET: The finale/wrap up live video chat  with Meghan where she’ll wrap up the 10-day adventure with an open conversation about how to keep it going and answer remaining questions. This too which ne recording for  later viewing.

Make My Life Awesome

THREE  Awesome Life Detox Packages to choose from!

Awesome Life Detox Base

The Awesome Life Detox ($78.00)

  • Two live group coaching video chats with Meghan (January 11th + 21st, both recorded for future viewing if you are unable to attend live).
  • 40 + page beautifully designed PDF guide that can be viewed online, saved to your device or printed for old-school hard copy highlighting and note taking.
  • 10 life-inspiring practices to take on each day of the program (and beyond).
  • 10+ coaching emails loaded with over 40 helpful/inspiring/awesome life resources.
  • Ongoing coaching via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout the duration of the program.
  • Downloadable + printable Awesome Life templates to track your awesome living throughout the duration of the program (and beyond).
  • Mp3 recording of Awesome Life Visualization Practice.
  • Downloadable future life planning template with a checklist to help you keep your life rocking.
  • Coupon code to download a complimentary meal plan.
  • A private program group to connect with your fellow Awesome Lifers.
  • A hashtag to help all of us connect on social media (if we’re into it): #AwesomeLifeDetox
  • Ongoing access to all course materials (except livestream chats).

Take Me There!

Or take it to the next level…

Awesome Life Detox Level 2

Get The Awesome Life Detox Program and package it with The Fab Uplift Detox.

You’ll receive everything outlined above with The Awesome Life Detox, plus:

  • A full 16-Day Detox Program e-book which you can download immediately upon registration.
  • 4 days of pre-cleanse coaching, with tips and recipes.
  • 8-day cleanse program which includes a meal plan, shopping list, and recipes.
  • 4-day post-cleanse guidelines.
  • Loads of info on why you should detox, what it means to detox, what this detox entails, and how to keep it going after the 16 days have passed.
  • Daily content during the program offering tips and support, progress, and bonus recipes.
  • Recording of 2-hour Fab Detox Power livestream class.
  • Option to begin the Fab Detox whenever you’re ready!

$207 value. Buy the bundle for $159

I Want to Be Awesome AND Fab!!

Or take it to the NEXT next level…

Awesome Life Detox Super

You get to choose the program of your dreams! In addition to The Awesome Life Detox program, this option allows you to customize your package with your choice of add-ons. This package includes:

$270 Value. Buy the bundle for $199

Take Me to the Program of my Dreams!

So there you go. Go forth and register to learn some skills that could improve your quality of life.


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