The Depanneur: Not your average corner store

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The Depanneur

Photo credit: Peter Henderson, BlogTO

The Depanneur isn’t much of a corner store at all. The owner Len, an ex-Montrealer, describes it as “a café/corner store mash-up where interesting food things happen.” The space was previously occupied by a corner store.

They sell coffee and tea, they have a breakfast menu, they serve soup in the winter and ice cream in the summer.

They do a casual Tuesday Night Drop-In Dinner from 6-8pm. On Tuesday February 7 they were serving “Killah Mac & Cheese” with an pile of steamed broccoli or side of organic green salad ($12 with side, $9 without, tax and extra servings included).

They host workshops, such as Intro to Sourdough Baking (February 9).

They sell the local & organic ingredients that they use, such as milk, bread, eggs, veggies and wild mushrooms and more.

The Depanneur is home to the Rusholme Park Supper Club, a neighbourhood dinner party featuring a rotating cast of chefs. I recently went to their “Black and White” themed dinner party, and did a pre-dinner blog post about it over on my Tumblr blog. It was an enjoyable evening. I wore a black sequin skirt, white top and black hat. I brought a white wine (Savignon Blanc), my guy brought a bottle of pinot noir.

I encourage you to get on their mailing list to see what’s coming up and to also watch their Facebook page. Events sell out quickly. February events include a “vegan take on Jamaican classics” on Valentine’s Day, a Japanese Pickling Workshop, a Pork Ninja pork dinner of 3 starters, 3 mains and 3 desserts, a Cuban dinner and an event called “Exploring Nonya Cuisine with Greg Couillard“.

Flickr slide show from the Black and White dinner:

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