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You know how you don’t hear about something or someone until suddenly it seems that everyone is telling you about that thing or person?

There seems to be a new female superhero team that’s kicking ass and taking names; a group of women helping other women achieve empowerment and success with honest and direct advice. They’re writing books, designing courses, participating in online summits and appearing on Oprah. They’re webinar-ing, video-posting and inspiring.  These are women who take no excuses and speak no bullshit. Each brings her own speciality to the team.

The first time I ever met with my life coach she told me about Danielle LaPorte. She told me about her with such enthusiasm that I teased her about having a girl crush. Then I read through some of Danielle’s website and watched some videos and understood. I downloaded some of her worksheets, using them as some of my own self-directed life coaching homework. Not being able to afford a copy of her book The Fire Starter Sessions, I got an ebook copy on loan from the library. I took lots of notes but never finished the book. The problem with library ebooks is that unlike books on paper you can’t renew them. I watched her Fire Starter videos at the Huffington Post website.

On the superhero team, Danielle is The Life Coach. Let me tell you a bit about The Fire Starter Sessions to give you an idea of what she does. Quoting from her website:

“THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS reframes popular self-help and success concepts to cut through dull thinking and fear, and get straight to one’s core desires, pragmatism, and courage — and burn some illusions to a crisp….”

(Read the rest here)

Each session in the book is accompanied by worksheets that cut through to what’s really going on in your head. One of the worksheets has you interviewing yourself with a child-like “because why?” in order to find the right answer.

I’ve got a couple of quotes by her  rotating on the home page of my other website and on my business cards, quotes such as

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.”


“Creative genius is about making every day of your life a work of art.”

She also resembles singer Jann Arden in some of her photos.

The reason I’m telling you all this is selfish, but not completely:

  1. I admire her greatly and want share that.
  2. She has a new program coming out called The Desire Map and I signed up as an affiliate
  3. There’s an affiliate contest that you can help me with at zero cost.

The Desire Map is a holistic approach to planning your life. It guides you to identify your core desired feelings, and to use those feelings as the drivers of what you want to do, have and experience in your life. It turns goal-setting inside out.

The Desire Map is a multimedia program. It comes with a printed book (embossed, even!) a downloadable book, audio book, a series of audio contemplations; a private, online Desire Map space; an app, and 12 weeks of weekly inspiration to help people make desire-mapping a true practice.

On December 6th Danielle will host a live “telejam” on all things Desire. On December 7th, there’s more free stuff coming. I don’t know what that free stuff is, but I’m excited.

The 3 affiliates who get the most people to RSVP for the 3-day launch event will receive a free copy of The Desire Map ($170 value). I’d really like to win this.

Click here or the image above to gain access to the the launch party on December 5.

Note, this is only for number of RSVPs to the launch event. There is ZERO obligation to buy anything. So really, you’re helping me by learning more about the product. Nothing more.

In an email that Danielle sent on the evening of November 19 she said that well over 5000 had signed up for the launch event.

I have no mailing list but I do have 2 blogs, 767 Facebook connections, 609 LinkedIn contacts, thousands of Twitter followers and a Klout score of 60. Let’s make this happen.

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Many thanks.

P.S. Wondering who else I think is part of the super-heroine group? I’ll get to them. It’s on my list of post topics for my other blog.

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