The inner yogini: Days 8 & 9

This narrative blog posting format isn’t working for me. It’s starting to look like I’m reviewing studios and classes, which wasn’t intended. I feel uncomfortable even mentioning the studios by name, more so critiquing them. I wasn’t sure what form my blogging would take, but I think I need to talk more about how the process is affecting me while also maintaining it as a log.

Friday January 22, Day 8:
My back was sore on Thursday and more so on Friday. I think it was a result of backbends during Wednesday’s class. Took a restorative class at a studio that I’d never done the class at before. Hoped it would release my back, I don’t l know if it had any affect.

Saturday January 23, Day 9:
Thank you, TTC, for making me miss class. Leaving home at 4:25 should have given me enough time to arrive at the studio, sign in, change and lie down for a few minutes before the start of class. At 5:45 I was still waiting for a streetcar and decided to turn around. Just as I did, a streetcar came my way but I continued the walk home. It takes 20 minutes to get to the studio. Waiting past 4:40 was pointless and I didn’t want to get to the studio just to have to turn around. Meanwhile, three streetcars went the other way.

Alas, I can do a routine at home. Some sun salutations, some downward dog flows, some warrior poses. I might pick up a yoga DVD in the near future.  I generally avoid them because I like personal instruction and adjustments, and besides, I know poses and sequences. A DVD is an option to help with the practice.  I’m considering buying a couple of blocks and a bolster,  even though I can improvise somewhat with pillows and don’t really need props.

Does anyone have recommendations for yoga DVDs?

So how is yoga affecting me?

I still lack balance, flexibility and coordination. My toppling tree topples every which way. I fall out of eagle pose. My tree pose is unstable, more like “tree in a tornado”. I lose control of my limbs.  I’m hopeful that this will change.

Yesterday morning I felt content. Happy. Peaceful. Same thing this morning. I feel good and I feel that I look good (not that I usually look bad). I wonder if it’s the yoga giving me that peace. Tomorrow is day 10, which means 30 days to go. Most yoga studio challenges are 30 days.

I promise I’ll blog about food again.


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  1. January 23, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    Andrea, that sucks about the TTC. I nearly missed my class today too because of the stupid roadworks on Roncesvalles. I used to use yoga DVDs on the road until I found – you should check it out. Also on iTunes there are Dave Farmar podcasts of yoga and also something called Yoga to the people. You might like some of those.

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