TimeStick sale: One week to Buy

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for ThermoWorks, so I make a small commission off sales from their website when my link is used, and last fall I received a free TimeStick, ChefAlarm and ThermaPen from the company to test out. However, prior to that I was already a fan who owned two Thermapens, so freebies and affiliate income don’t bias me at all.

Do you know about the TimeStick timer?

ThermoWorks, the company that makes Thermapens,  is celebrating the success of this fun, new product with a limited time sale.

Thermoworks TimeStick

Sale ends Thursday March 6th at midnight.


What’s a TimeStick?

It’s a really nice timer.

Why TimeStick?

I’m using their advertising copy here, because why reinvent the wheel?…

One-Handed Use

Other timers require two hands to set the time. TimeStick’s unique vertical format gives you a familiar numeric keypad. Hold and set the timer in one hand, left or right!

Wear it!

TimeStick comes fitted with a quality neck lanyard. Never be out of earshot of your alarm. It goes where you go. Slip it in a breast pocket or let it hang!

Pocket-sized, it fits chef coat pockets. Because you can wear it around your neck, you have no excuse to put it down and forget where it is!


Smart Functions

Switch between Clock, Count-Down or Count-Up. Count-Down mode includes a unique bar graph for instant indication of how much time has elapsed.

The clock is settable in 12 hour or 24 hour formats.

Rubberized Keypad

Splash-proof, rubberized front panel survives wet fingers. Set time directly on the raised numeric keypad. No tedious up/down or scrolling buttons that run past the number you want. Set the keypad “lock” to prevent accidental button presses in your pocket.

Why else?

TimeStick pretty!

Like many of ThermoWorks ‘ product lines, there are a number of eye-catching TimeStick colours to choose from. 9 colours, in fact. You might want to buy multiple TimeSticks. As the product page says, “Conceived in ThermoWorks’ design studio, TimeStick comes in 9 colors so you’ll instantly know who swiped yours.”

TimeStick colours

Stick it up

It comes with a magnet so you can stick it to the fridge or other metal surface. The fourth image on the TimeStick product page demonstrates it.

Hard to lose

I know I’m repeating features here, but it’s worth noting: With a lanyard, bright colour and magnet, it’s hard to lose! If it’s not stuck to your fridge, hang it on a hook or over a doorknob or loosely tie the lanyard around something to anchor it when you’re not using it.

I think it’s a great device and for the next week, it’s only $19. That’s a 24% savings.

Sale ends Thursday March 6th at midnight.

Don’t say you weren’t told.

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Read every post I’ve written for this blog that mentions Thermapen and/or ThermoWorks. I was promoting ThermoWorks online and off long before I knew they had an affiliate program, which I sought out because I’m such a fan.

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