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Toronto Beer Week (#TBW2014)

Toronto Beer Week, September 12-20

It might be a stretch to call Toronto a craft beer city, but there’s no denying that it’s a city saturated with craft beer events and that has seen a rapidly growing number of craft breweries and beers as part of the province-wide craft beer renaissance. I can think of four craft breweries under construction, one of which is a complete newcomer.

Summer events such as Ontario Craft Beer Week, Session Toronto, Summer Craft Beer Festival, Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival, The Toronto Festival of Beer (not craft beer specific – it seems that the crappy mega-breweries are needed to help them keep the lights on but many craft breweries represent), Hart House Craft Beer Festival, Cask Days and more bring out thousands of drinkers. And now in the late summer Toronto Beer Week.

Chances are your neighbourhood has seen an influx of craft beer bars in the last few years. Mine has. One has the largest selection of Ontario craft beer in Toronto, another has a small but very well curated list. Although I laugh at first time customers who order a Coors Light or Bud, I enjoy hearing the resulting education.

Interesting piece of information: Until 1997 the Junction neighbourhood was still under Prohibition law. Now The Junction has Junction Craft Brewing, Indie Ale House and bars that emphasize craft beer.

Craft brewers are a passionate bunch and I always learn something from them when I run into them at bars, at sampling events or go visit them on their turf. Earlier this year during a camping trip that took us to Mikisew Provincial Park we visited the nearby Highlander Brew Co in South River, Ontario and tried some beer fresh out of the tank. I enjoy seeing the set ups at different breweries. I always have Strange Brew flashbacks, sometimes along with the urge to watch the movie again.

Toronto Beer Week: Bars, pubs and restaurants

This year 70 participating bars, pubs and restaurants will be hosting events during Toronto Beer Week. From east end venues such as long time Danforth resident The Court Jester Pub, the newer Brooklyn Tavern (Leslieville), The Auld Spot (Leslieville) and Ceili Cottage (Leslieville), to the west end’s 3030 Dundas West (Junction), Brazen Head (Liberty Village), Wise Bar, The Monarch Tavern and many in between, and so many more.

Toronto Beer Week: Events

Want something unique? If you want something more unique than special menus, pig roasts and tap takeovers try the Toronto Beer Quest, a beer scavenger hunt of sorts, Beer Academy’s Australian InvasionHopera: an evening of craft beer and song, the Craft Brew Cruise or beer in the library. Or how about combining your love of racing with beer at the Toronto Beer Run?

Take a look at the Toronto Beer Week calendar and choose your events.

You might find some new and unique beers and some special features that made for Toronto Beer Week, then gone.


The official Toronto Beer Week kick off was last night.

Grab a copy of the Toronto Beer Week passport at one of the participating venues.

Maybe you just want to try some new brews. That’s great. Maybe you don’t want the education. That’s fine too. You don’t need to over-analyze beer but I encourage you to try something new, even if it’s something you don’t think you’ll like. Ask for a a small sample.

I’m looking forward to the results of the Golden Tap Awards.

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