Published: Toronto’s (food) Sustainable Synagogue

I wrote an article for one of my favourite blogs, The Jew and the Carrot.

Food plays an important role in Judaism and in the First Narayever community. Food brings people together, connects us, and is an important part of holiday traditions and life cycles.

In 2006 the First Narayever Congregation launched the first Jewish Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Toronto in partnership with Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre. In 2008, we joined Hazon’s world-wide network of Jewish CSAs. This inspired us to look at what more we could do in our community.

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Looking at the title and the word “sustainable” I want to point out that while we’re really proud about what we’re doing about food issues, there are other Toronto institutions doing innovative,”sustainable” work too. For example, congregation Darchei Noam’s commitment to the environment.
(In the last couple of years First Narayever went environmental assessment and retrofitting as well.)

If you know of any faith-based institutions leading any food initiatives or other innovative projects, I’d like to hear about them. Comment below.

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