#twEATup for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Sometimes I get invited to events that I’d like to attend but can’t – due to scheduling conflicts, domestic duties, or in the case of one earlier this week, it being out of my way + domestic duties + needing to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones before people who had seen the episode spoiled it. (I admitted that when I declined the invitation. I’m not sorry that I prioritized GoT.)

One event that I turned down last month was “#twEATup”, hosted by the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. It was the first ever blogger event at their kitchen with a cooking demonstration and, from what I gather, a presentation about the work happening at their ELLICSR survivorship centre, which hosts regular cooking demos the first three Thursdays of the month.

ELLICSR kitchen

The ELLICSR Centre for Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre brings cancer survivors, clinicians, educators and researchers together to develop, test and evaluate innovative self-management strategies for improved health and wellness and to generate new knowledge in cancer survivorship.

The ELLICSR Kitchen is a culinary nutrition program established to support people affected by cancer through providing education, skills training and support to promote healthy eating and strategies to help alleviate the impact of cancer and its treatment on the enjoyment of food.

I like the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. I walked The Weekend to End Breast Cancer for 3 consecutive years in its earlier years before they renamed it to The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. Lots of research has come out of that Foundation. Sadly, the research has to continue, and cancer continues to be an issue.

Take a look at the #twEATup event page to learn more here.

Learn more about the ELLICSR Kitchen.

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