More Valentine’s Day gifts

More Valentine’s Day promotions have landed in my inbox and I found more that I’d missed before while I was clearing out my folder (over 400 messages down to 30). Read the first list here.

To me, it’s a Hallmark holiday. If you’re looking for celebration ideas for your Valentine, I’ve got a list for you because as a blogger I’ve been getting press releases and promotional emails for about a month. I’ve been collecting them for my readers…

David’s Tea
David's Tea Valentine's Day

The “shop valentine’s gifts” link goes to this page. While the newsletter showcases Cherry Blossom Tea, The Sweetheart Collection and a limited edition “love birds” Perfect Mug, the subsequent page showcases Customizable Perfect Tea Mug, which comes with a pen to create a unique, one-of-a-kind permanent design, the Romantic Collection, Chocolate Lovers and Sweet Indulgence.

I like to buy the collections for myself. While they’re sold as gift packs, they’re variety packs that contain containers with enough tea for one or two servings (or more in the packs that contain fewer varieties but bigger containers of tea). It’s a good way to sample the teas and the canisters can be repurposed.

All three of the collections that I’ve mentioned include a blend called “Read My Lips” which contains candy lips. It’s not my thing – and it irks me that David’s Tea puts candy in their teas – but if you’re into it, it certainly fits the theme of the holiday.

I’m also a fan of the Perfect Mugs because they come with lids that will hold your tea bag or tea strainer when you’re done with them, and the strainer is included too. I don’t recommend the clear glass mugs. The lid is made in such a way that liquid gets trapped in the edges and is hard to clean out, even in a dishwasher. I do recommend the ceramic ones over the clear glass. I used to have two, now I have none. One that lived at one of my offices got so worn out and dirty that I decided to throw it out, and the glass one got broken.

Hand-crafted sweets by Dinette Nationale

I mentioned FoodiePages in my last V-day gift guide but they’ve sent some more promotion:

dinette nationale


Perfect for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a limited number of Discovery Boxes filled with hand-crafted sweets made by Dinette Nationale in Montreal.

The Ingredients No preservatives, no artificial flavours, no strange colouring. Incredible flavour from wild fruits. Fresh cream from the local dairy Laiterie des trois vallées.

The Process Wild fruits are slowly cooked to make sensational purees and fruit juices, the base of all the shop’s confections.

The Packaging Hand finished with gold thread!

All orders ship today. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The provided link is broken but my guess is that they meant to have it go here.

All the Best Fine Foods

WaySpa gift card

It feels like I get emails from them all the time with specials, but pampering is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, happy shopping (or browsing). Hope your day is whatever you want it to be. And if you’re in Ontario and celebrating Family Day as I am (with families), enjoy.

Be well.

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