Welcome, PaleoCon Day 7 & Detox Diary

Welcome, Paleo Hackers

One of the PaleoHacks tweeters shared my blog with their 22,688 followers and now I feel I should add some context to this blog.

First off, if you’re joining because of that tweet, WELCOME!

I’ve been blogging for a long time, been a nutrition nerd for a long time. I want to learn everything about everything. Paleo speaks to me because at its core it has a simple message: Eat real food.

It also speaks to me because it’s so close to the candida protocol. Here’s a brief history of my candida:

  • Since childhood I’ve had evidence of candida but for most of my life I didn’t know what it was. A few years ago I went for a bunch of allergy tests (Electro-Dermal testing) for food and environmental sensitivities to see if I could make sense of my apparent pizza allergy. Read more about that, my yeast infection misdiagnosis and my first naturopath-prescribed detox in a post called Detoxing the food sensitivities away that I wrote last July.
  • My most current candida diagnosis was the most legitimate diagnosis one could get: Seeing the candida under a microscope at a dentist’s office. I wrote all about it here.

And so, I’m eating few grains, no gluten, no sugar. I’ve been detoxing since the beginning of January.

Except (this is where Detox Diaries comes in), yesterday at the Shoresh Food Conference I experimented with consuming a little sugar and a little gluten. I ate a home made (by a caterer) gluten free apple squares that contained maple syrup, and a “granola bar” (square) made with unsweetened chocolate and honey, then a couple of organic whole wheat crackers. It was deliberate but cautious. I chose to avoid the Sweets From the Earth cookies and brownies, all gluten free. In mid afternoon my head started to hurt, parts of my body ached and I got nauseated.

Usually I can tell if it’s “pukey” nausea or not, but this time I wasn’t sure. I assumed that it was what I ate. I went home, feared that I’d be sick from both ends though was sick from neither, and rested before the Super Bowl. I noticed that if I turned the mind chatter and daydreaming off my body hurt less. I watched 3 quarters of the Super Bowl, tweeted commercials, occasionally dozed off, did NOT eat the chilli, ribs or wings that my boyfriend had made (though he made a separate rib sauce for me with stevia) and went to bed at 9:30. I was NOT happy with what I thought was a reaction to what I ate.

This morning around 5:45 I woke up overheated and tried to get comfortable for the final half hour before my alarm went off. The while walking the dog between 6:30 and 7:00 I had my jacket unzipped and hat off, sweating, despite it being -10 degrees Celsius/14 Fahrenheit. Shortly after arriving home I was kind of vindicated. My boyfriend woke up sick too. There’s evidence to support that it wasn’t what I ate.

Now, onto PaleoCon. The usual way I do this is to include all of the information included in the daily PaleoCon emails, change the formatting slightly, and the add my commentary below it. Read the rest of my PaleoCon blog entries.

Welcome back!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I saw plenty of you were cooking some delicious Paleo Super Bowl meals on Twitter & Instagram – thanks for sharing!

We will be announcing winners of that contest (and the Paleo Manifesto contest) by Tuesday.

Let’s get into today’s sessions, shall we?

1.Overcoming Adversity, Physical Disabilities, and Eating Disorders
George Bryant

Wow. I listened to this one over the weekend and was blown away. George’s story is unreal – and his journey from where he was to where he is now is nothing short of inspirational.

This interview is extremely raw – George opens up to John about his past issues with eating disorders, dealing with unsupportive family and destructive relationships, and ultimately, how to be a happy, healthy human being.

This is absolutely a must listen. If you’ve ever had any problems with eating disorders, body image, or an unsupportive environment, this will be extremely valuable for you.

George Bryan’s website, Civilized Caveman Cooking

Register for PaleoCon to watch this session here

2. Curing The Incurable: Case Studies From The Perfect Health Retreats
Paul Jaminet

Paul always delivers – and this is no exception. In this session, Paul tells John about his Perfect Health Retreats – and stories of fixing people’s health issues that they thought were incurable.

Paul goes through the protocols they use at his retreats – shows us:

  • How to lose weight with just 30 minutes of exercise
  • How to maximize the effectiveness and health benefits of your sleep
  • How to deal with and fix inflammation, chronic infections, and chronic diseases

And a lot more. Another top notch session!

Perfect Health Diet website

Register for PaleoCon to watch this session here

3. Ketogenic Diets: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Ameer Rosic

Ketosis and Ketogenic diets are very popular – and in this session, Ameer completely breaks them down for John. He’ll show you:

  • Keto 101: ketones, ketosis, and a ketogenic diet – what they all mean, and how they affect your health
  • Are ketogenic diets good for you? (And how to start a ketogenic diet)
  • Why your brain prefers ketones over glucose

If you’ve ever had any questions about low-carb/ketogenic diets, and whether they are right for you, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this session.

Ameer Rosic’s website

Register for PaleoCon to watch this session here

4. The Future Of Exercise & Paleo
Joshua Newman

Finally, Joshua Newman, founder of CrossFit NYC, returns to talk with John about the future of exercise, behind the scenes of the CrossFit movement, and the future of the Paleo diet.

This is another very interesting interview, and Joshua is very insightful, as always. It’s a quick one – I’d highly recommend watching it!

Register for PaleoCon to watch this session here

Watch all of the Day 7 sessions here.

Alright! That’s day 7. Only 3 days left!

And remember, many of the PaleoCon All Access Package bonuses are full on products that are sold by their creators on a regular basis.

Because we don’t want to hurt our contributors businesses, we can only keep these bonuses for free in the PaleoCon All Access Package during the event. Once the event concludes, we will have to remove them.

If you haven’t checked it out already – you can learn more about the All Access Package here.

Alright, back to work! 🙂

Talk soon,

P.S. And remember, the PaleoCon All Access Package is guaranteed – if you’re not satisfied with it within 60 days, we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.


MY PaleoCon Day 7:

I’m half-assing it today ’cause I’m not feeling into it. I’ve listened to or skimmed them all…

George Bryant, the Civilized Caveman/ Overcoming Adversity, Physical Disabilities, and Eating Disorders

I’ve heard George Bryant on these paleo events before. Interesting stuff.

I wish that I had more patience to listen today because in the interview he got emotional in many places for many reasons, and I kind of felt like an asshole for not feeling into it today and so I made myself listen. I have a lot of empathy for his journey. There’s a message about self-acceptance and state of mind in there and I think that is situation is something that many people can identify with. Listen, or just read through his website.

Paul Jaminet/Curing The Incurable

The idea of curing the incurable reminds me of Meghan’s journey to cure her Crohn’s Disease and how it lead her to become a health care professional and teacher. Paul is another expert who started adapted paleo to his own body’s needs (like Chris Kresser, who’s on PaleoCon tomorrow, talks about in his book The Paleo Code, which I read an excerpt of on the weekend and bumped to the front of my reading list.). When I put Paul’s name into Google the first result that was auto suggested was, “paul jaminet candida”. The third result down from that was an article in Mark’s Daily Apple, A Primal Primer: Candida. I’d never read that one before (that I recall). In that article, Paul is referenced as saying that going very low carb or ketogenic will only provide more fuel for the overgrowth.

 Paul Jaminet s PaleoCon Session

This provides a good segue to the next presentation…

Ameer Rosic on Ketogenic Diets

The first time I ever heard of the ketogenic diet, or “keto”, was from my friend Fawn who had her epileptic daughter on a keto diet. Her daughter is now symptom free. You can read about it here. I was really interested in this one and skimmed through it.

Joshua Newman/The Future Of Exercise & Paleo

Describes as “very interesting ” and “a quick one”, it’s only 20 minutes and a good insight into the history and culture of CrossFit.

Josh Newman s PaleoCon Session

At this point I think I’m getting confused.

$50 for lifetime access to PaleoCon

I won’t repeat all the goodies. I’ll direct you to Last Monday’s post instead. This is good shit.

paleocon package

See you tomorrow.



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