Who’s Your Bubbie?

Update, November 14 around noon:

David Sax posted the following to the event’s Facebook page,

Folks, tickets are selling fast. Some may be available at the door, but if you want to guarantee entry, get them online ASAP.


I appreciate it when PR people do their homework. I got a media release recently that was definitely appropriate for me, for many reasons:


Who’s Your Bubbie? Reflect. Share. Eat. 

– Cooking up memories for the next generation –

–  Recognized Culinary Masters Gather for an evening of storytelling, recipe sharing, and a whole lot of shmaltz –

Toronto (October 21, 2013) – Beyond Bubbie is an evening dedicated to food, family, and the stories that link them together. Appealing to all the senses, this is an opportunity to celebrate Toronto’s rich and diverse food traditions and the shared tradition of learning recipes from your grandmother.

WHERE: The Al Green Theatre @ Miles Nadal JCC, 750 Spadina Ave. “Green P” parking is available on either side of Spadina Avenue, just north of Bloor Street. The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre is located steps from the Spadina subway station.

WHEN: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 8:00 pm

TICKETS: https://beyondbubbieto.eventbrite.ca/

Toronto culinary celebrities, writers, and performers share memories, recipes and love in a night of storytelling that pulls together the tales behind the food from our Bubbies, Grandmas, Abuelas, or even the nanny whose dishes were your family’s real soul food. “Bubbie” can be the flesh and blood Jewish balabusta who dispensed matzo balls at Passover or a metaphorical cooking grandmother who instructs one’s subconscious to double the portions and wipe the plate clean. Whether she came from a shtetl in Poland, a condo in Hong Kong, or a house in North Bay, Ontario, our grandmothers and bubbies remain the most potent symbol of our culinary matriarchs, and this event celebrates their impact on our lives.

“Everyone’s bubbie has a recipe, and every bubbie’s recipe holds a great story. They tend to be forgotten if they’re not written down, and with so many bubbies working off fading memories, tattered index cards, and worn synagogue cookbooks, we figured it was time to put out a call for the recipes and stories of bubbies everywhere,” said the event’s host, James Beard award-winning journalist and food writer David Sax, who has organized similar events in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. “Not just Yiddish-speaking-chicken-in-the pot bubbies, but Sephardic-couscous bubbies, Chinese dumpling-stuffing bubbies, and college-roommate-who-made-you-apple-cake-when-you-were-depressed bubbies.”

Storytellers include chef Anthony Rose of Rose and Sons and recently-opened Big Crow; Alida Solomon, chef/owner of Tutti Matti RestaurantDino Venasio of Ben & Izzy’s; Judy Perly of Free Times Café; gourmet health guru-Rose Riesman, and many others. The Varsity Jews, the tongue in cheek Jewish a-cappella singing sensation will perform their soon-to-be classic, “Mandelbrodt”, a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”, and in the spirit of Bubbie’s hospitality, there will be ample food to nosh on. Enjoy a warm cup of Savta Hamama’s Cafe Lavan (by Project HaMotzi), a traditional Yemenite white coffee recipe from Israel with hints of cloves, ginger and cardamom slowly brewed with green Arabic coffee beans—bubbie’s traditional recipe.

For the Toronto event, the Ontario Jewish Archives will solicit, collect and archive recipes and food-related photos shared by the community. These will be showcased along with other cookbooks from its collection during the event on November 14. The photos and recipes will then be preserved in the collections of the Ontario Jewish Archives and made accessible for future generations. To donate photos: ojadonations@ujafed.org  

The Beyond Bubbie event in Toronto has been made possible by the generous support of the Pickle Barrel and Rose Reisman Catering.

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