Winter warmer

This goes with my Omega juicer review, which I drafted as a post a few days ago and would have held onto a little longer except that I wanted to post this recipe and the two seemed to go hand-in-hand.

This afternoon I came in and did this:

ginger-root green-plus-signmcintoshApplegreen-plus-sign


green-plus-sign honeycinnamon

Juiced a half inch of ginger with half an apple (local from my CSA), poured it into my Peet’s Coffee & Tea mug (a gift from my aunt the last time I was in Berkeley), added hot water & stirred in some local cinnamon honey made by Bees Universe (the honey was local, they obviously sourced the cinnamon from elsewhere), topped with a think slice of apple.

The second cup had bourbon added to it.

woodford reserve Kentucky bourbon

The bourbon makes it special.

Edit: Reposting this with the Schema plugin:

[schema type=”recipe” name=”Winter warmer” author=”Andrea Toole” pubdate=”2013-02-07″ description=”A simple warming drink that’s good for the immune system and will warm you from the inside out.” prepmins=”10″ ingrt_1=”half inch of ginger” ingrt_2=”half an apple ” ingrt_3=”1 cup of hot water” ingrt_4=”honey (local is best)” ingrt_5=”bourbon” instructions=”Juice a half inch of ginger with half an apple. Pour into mug. Add hot water. Stir in some local cinnamon honey and bourbon. Top with a thin slice of apple.” ]

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  1. February 8, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    Yum!! When I come to Toronto, I am definitely requesting this from you. 🙂

    • Andrea
      February 8, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

      Do you have a trip planned? (I’m getting excited.)

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