Yoga challenge: Oh, we're halfway there.

Did that get you singing Bon Jovi in your head and wanting to head bang?

3 weeks complete. 21 days. Half way through the challenge.

That went fast.

I tried two new studios this week. On my way back to the office from the studio that I tried yesterday I remembered having read negative comments about the place in a local blog. I remembered this around the time that I was analyzing the experience in my mind.  I’d already realized what was wrong with the place. What I noticed was basically what I’d read. The small size of the studios and change rooms, for example. I took a mid-day class and left thinking, “I wouldn’t want to come here after work when it’s busy.” The studio had 6 people in it but I think that 15-20 would be the max. There are two women’s change rooms, the second being a converted storage closet. I wonder if complaints resulted in an overflow change room. I also noticed that it was a dry heat. I sweated differently. Someone mentioned this online as well. All the other yoga studios rely on humidity. I’ll go back, but only during the work day when I really want a class near the office.

The other new studio I went to was quite nice. I went with a colleague. We took “team building” to a whole new level. Two words: communal shower. No stall, no curtains. Apparently this studio’s windows make early morning classes beautiful with sunrise.

On Sunday I did a “Day of yoga” benefit. Three classes of various styles. Interesting. I was taken out of my comfort zone, which I always appreciate.

In last Friday’s blog entry I said, “I’ve gone to class 10 times out of 14 days”. Well, now I’ve only missed 5 days of classes in 21 days. This week there’s only been one day that I haven’t gone to a class, but I’ve been doing a morning sessions – 25 minutes or so – to DVD every morning.  With 3 classes on Sunday, I’m almost ahead. 19 classes in 21 days, + DVD sessions (+ 4 this week). With DVD sessions, I am ahead.

On my way back to the office after a class yesterday it occurred to me that I’d done two sessions of yoga that day and it wasn’t even 3pm. Two sessions of yoga sounds crazy. It doesn’t feel crazy having done it, but if someone else said that they’d done it I’d think they were nuts. Even though I did a half hour this morning I was still craving a class during the day. Thursdays are usually my day off because of the schedules. I’m really looking forward to trying a new class on Saturday. I want heat. I want movement. I want adjustment. I want relaxation.

How do I feel three weeks in?

I’m proud of myself for having the discipline. For not having an “all or nothing” attitude. For forming the habit. For taking the time. For making it part of my life.

My balance comes and goes. Last Saturday my “dancer’s post” was almost a “crying dancer” – which doesn’t actually exist – as I almost cried in frustration. I reminded myself that every practice is new. Let this one go. Next time will be a new experience. Earlier this week I decide not to sweat it (no pun intended). If I fall out of a pose so be it. It’s annoying but I can’t be hard on myself. Some days my balance is fine, some days it’s bad, some days it’s in between.

As I build balance I build strength of body and mind. I used to weight lift. I was strong. I’ve lost a lot of that physical and mental strength. With weight training it was appropriate to be competitive with myself. To push. To use negative self talk as a motivator. My inner voice was like a drill sergeant.  It doesn’t work that way in yoga.

I’m receptive to the experience and look forward to where it carries me.


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