Yoga challenge: On the disabled list (sort of)

Week four started well. This month one of my studios began running a new class on Saturday afternoons. I went and quite enjoyed it. I’ve found my new regular Saturday afternoon class. I went to a class on Sunday at my usual Sunday spot. On the way in a woman wearing a Margarita Activewear outfit started chatting with me, seeing that I was carrying my yoga mat and was donning Margarita from headband to pants. I’m always enthusiastic to talk about Margarita and to someone who’s already a customer. It’s like a secret club, one which I wish everyone new about and would join (the next time my sister googles her company she’s going to find this, I know it, and so I wave to her – my mother occasionally reads my blog anyhow).

On Monday, I woke up unable to tilt my neck to the left. I did a DVD yoga session on Monday morning before work, then went for a massage on Monday evening (I had a gift certificate). My neck didn’t get better. As I suspected, it wasn’t a muscular thing. On Tuesday morning I went to an 8am yoga class before work. I monitored my neck, was gentle on it, had a good class. I really enjoy 8am classes. They’re not too early like 6:30 classes and I still make it to work for 9:30/9:45. Why is 9-5 the standard work day anyway? I wish more studios would do 8am classes and that this studio held them more than once a week. I was told that people asked for a pre-work class that wasn’t as early as 6:30 so the time slot was implemented but then people didn’t show up. Without enough students (I was one of three this week, one of two or three another time) it doesn’t make sense to hold more. Sad. I wish that when people asked for something they’d use it rather than taking for granted. Anyhow…

The pain in my neck increased throughout the day and I made an appointment to see my chiropractor the following morning. I had dinner plans on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday morning I went to the chiropractor who adjusted me and told me to return either that evening or the next day. I had plans that evening – a film screening at Meghan’s that I will blog about this weekend – so I made an appointment to return to the chiropractor this morning. One of my co-workers said that if I needed anything just asked. It occurred to me to acquire a bell and start making outlandish demands.

I felt my neck release twice yesterday evening: Once on the bus on the way to Meghan’s, and then while lying on my chiropractic foam wedge (looks similar to this one) my right shoulder released a little. Still, I returned this morning with less pain and more range of motion.  Now still, less pain and more range of motion but I’m not back to normal yet. I also woke up this morning with a sore throat and during the day got a strange feeling in the past of my nose, the ominous feeling that means that you’re about to get sick unless you do something now (and even then it might sneak by).

If you’re keeping score on my yoga activities: Friday began week 4. Between classes and DVDs I practiced yoga daily from Friday to Tuesday but the neck injury has sidelined me since. It came out of no where. It’s as if I “slept funny”, although I recently attended a Feldenkrais session in which we were told that there’s no such thing; One’s body is supposed to be able to compensate. So my body and/or my subconscious is admonishing me for something. I need to listen and figure it out.

Maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Small set back. Back on the wedge soon before bed (I didn’t use it on Monday or Tuesday out of fear of hurt and although I’m supposed to use it twice daily, 10 minutes per session I shortened the duration last night), a DVD yoga session tomorrow morning, then I’ll try to resume class sessions on the weekend (if I’m not sick).

11 more days to go until the challenge officially ends. Nearly two weeks. I don’t think I’ll do anything differently after that. I’ve got to keep being “yogafied”.

[Update Friday morning: The cold has lightly hit. So far this morning I’ve taken oil of oregano, Cold-FX, and Thieves essential oil blend. Oil of oregano and Thieves have strong anti-viral and antibacterial properties.]

Update #2: I just found a note that I wrote Tuesday afternoon about that morning’s yoga class. I’d originally intended to reference it in the next yoga blog post:

Tuesday Febuary 9, 8am Yin/Yang class:

First thing in the morning, the heat felt great. My chatturanga felt controlled. I noticed a distinctive difference between postures done on my left, and moves done on my right. In some postures the left felt strong and/or more balance, in others it was the right. In my half moon (?) pose, the only balancing pose, I managed to be in it even momentarily. I felt fantastic during class and after except for the knot in my head that’s been there for 2 days. (Massage therapy didn’t help. It might require a chiropractor to work on it.)

Afternoon: Feeling sleepy.

So there you go.

Be well.

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2 Responses to “Yoga challenge: On the disabled list (sort of)”

  1. February 11, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    I find that sometimes necks and shoulders are about digestion. Would that make any sense for you?

    • February 16, 2010 at 5:27 pm #

      Interesting. Could be. I’d been wondering if last week’s coffee consumption contributed to me getting sick. Usually I don’t drink coffee so it’s somewhat foreign to my body and I drank it a few days in a row. Then again, the neck happened on Monday so I’m not so sure.

      I generally eat raw – or mostly raw – for 2 meals each day.

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