Yoga challenge: The Finale

Hatha Yoga Video Lunge Pose - Hanurasana

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I was going to post this last week but was out of town and didn’t have my stats with me…

The 40 day yoga challenge ended last week. How did I do?

I did 25 days before I got sidelined; first by my sore neck (during which time I did do a class), and then by a cold. Being sick sucks. My last class was on Tuesday February 9. On the 10th and 11th I was at chiropractor appointments. On Friday the 12th I woke up sick (though the sore throat began Thursday morning). Although the worst of it was over in a week, I still had the lingering exhaustion and cough for the remaining days.  I therefore consider the challenge that I did to be a 25 day challenge.

My progress in numbers was blogged on January 29 and February 4. “19 classes in 21 days” became 22 classes in 25 days. If that were one class per day (the “day of yoga” event was three classes on one day) it would translate to classes 80% of the time that I did the challenge. On day 12 I picked up some yoga DVDs and used it almost every morning until the virus hit.

By the end of the challenge, my challenge, I felt great. That last class I did felt fantastic even with a pain in the neck (I was gentle there). My chaturanga was strong.  Regarding the time I missed at the end: While I was sick I told a colleague that of all the reasons to “drop out”, I’m glad it was because I was sick and not because I’d lost interest or momentum.

Yesterday afternoon I returned to town after a week away. I look forward to getting back to class this weekend and possibly a session tomorrow morning. In theory I wanted to get up early and do my own yoga with the backdrop of the Los Altos hills. In practice it didn’t happen. The getting up early part did, but I imagined yoga at sunrise and that I slept through.

The plan is to continue classes at least three times a week and keep up the morning DVD sessions. I also look forward to the next 30 day challenge.

I printed out the schedule for my studios today and am disappointed that my Tuesday 8am class is no longer. People asked for it – later than 6:30am but still before work – but then didn’t show up. Sad. There’s also a class that was on Sundays that I intended to try but hadn’t and now it’s too late. Yes, I need to show up and get others to show up. Alas.


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